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咪曲奇以天然優質食材, 無添加任何化學成分,為客人製作無糖,低碳的健康烘焙甜點及蛋糕之外,更專研出以香港獨特口味的「鷄蛋餅。脆曲奇」, 藉此希望可保留香港傳統烘焙文化。

咪 – 甜點師:

甜點師Ken希望將一切回歸品質,嚴選天然優質食材, 無添加任何化學成分,不花巧不造作地為客人製作優質而且健康的烘焙甜點。與此同時他更希望可保留香港傳統烘焙文化, 並向他們致敬。Ken特此研製出「鷄蛋餅脆曲奇」,把充滿著兒時快樂回憶的美食”鷄蛋餅”以特製秘方並注入多種具香港代表性的獨特口味,從新帶到我們面前。MeCakeKi的「鷄蛋餅脆曲奇」口感香甜鬆脆, 更保留著鷄蛋餅濃濃的蛋香, 最後還滲透出那份輕輕的羅漢果回甜味道,當你品嚐過Ken製作的「鷄蛋餅脆曲奇」後,一定能夠感受到他對烘焙的熱情和對香港味道的深厚情懷。
過去三年,Ken和MeCakeKi的團隊與品牌一起成長,從剛起步被網絡媒體 / 網絡電視所欣賞,獲邀出席訪問及拍攝品牌介紹、擔任烘焙導師、出席分享活動,種種都是甜點師Ken堅持對「品質優先」理念的成果。未來Ken和MeCakeKi團隊將會繼續專注品牌的發展,創作更多健康又高質的烘焙甜點給大家品嚐和分享!


MeCakeKi - Patisser Introduction
To produce tasty and healthy pastises with natural and quality ingredients, without adding any chemical for customers is the basic requirement of our patisser, Ken. His passion for baking and deep feelings for Hong Kong taste prompted him that the traditional baking culture in Hong Kong could be preserved. Ken has created the “Hong Kong Crispy Cookies” by using his special recipe from the traditional local “Crispy Egg Cookies” full of Hong Kong childhood “Happy” memories and infused with a variety of flavors representing Hong Kong to us again.
The “Hong Kong Crispy Cookies” has unexpected crispy and filled with strong egg favour. Reducing the content of sugar by adding Monk Fruit extract, the “Hong Kong Crispy Cookies” are not only healthier, but you will also taste the sweetness afterwards in your mouth. You would like to try them out all!
Starting from getting exposures by online social media to attending interviews, being baking class instructors, and participate in sharing various events, Ken and his teammate has been growing together with the brand “MeCakeKi” In the past few years. Ken and his Teammate will continue to focus on the concept of “Quality First” and create healthier and quality pastry for everyone to taste and share.