About Us

MeCakeKi is established in Hong Kong in 2017. We hope to produce special and healthy bakery products that could impress you. Finally developing the“Hong Kong Crispy Cookie” which is a fusion of the vibes of traditional Hong Kong bakery and the British afternoon tea culture. 

 Every piece of “Hong Kong Egg Cookie” is produced and packed in Hong Kong entirely and modify the recipe including Monk Fruit extracts which enables us to reduce the use of refined sugar that not only adds a subtle after taste to our product but more importantly makes them healthier.

To produce tasty and healthy pastises with natural and quality ingredients, without adding any chemical for customers is the basic requirement of our patisser. Our patisser passion for baking and deep feelings for Hong Kong taste prompted him that the traditional baking culture in Hong Kong could be preserved. Patisser has created the “Hong Kong Crispy Cookies” by using own special recipe from the traditional local “Crispy Egg Cookies” full of Hong Kong childhood “Happy” memories and infused with a variety of flavors representing Hong Kong to us again.

The “Hong Kong Crispy Cookies” has unexpected crispy and filled with strong egg favour. Reducing the content of sugar by adding Monk Fruit extract, the “Hong Kong Crispy Cookies” are not only healthier, but you will also taste the sweetness afterwards in your mouth. You would like to try them out all!

Starting from getting exposures by online social media to attending interviews, being baking class instructors, and participate in sharing various events, our team has been growing together with the brand “MeCakeKi” In the past few years. We will continue to focus on the concept of “Quality First” and create healthier and quality pastry for everyone to taste and share.